28-29 May 2024 • JW Marriott Hotel
May 28-29, 2024
The conference brings together some of the best specialists in the field to offer new ideas, the most realistic trends of the moment and concrete solutions.
MAY 28, 2024
TopHotel Awards Gala comes as a recognition of the work and efforts that the Romanian hotel, tourism and hospitality industry is putting in every day.


The TopHotel Conference, the longest-standing conference of its kind in Romania for over 16 years, has been the meeting place for professionals in the hospitality industry. It's where new trends are announced, effective strategies are shared, and successful opportunities are unveiled. What new projects does 2024 bring? What are the trends in tourism? What perspectives do business travels hold in the coming years? What new development sectors are investors pursuing? These are just a few of the questions that will find answers on the conference stage and during networking sessions.

TopHotel Conference is a modular event spanning two days and comprising conferences as well as an awards gala. On the first day of the event, there will be two simultaneous conferences, followed by an awards ceremony in the evening. On the second day, a single conference is scheduled. We invite you to consult the event structure.


28 May 2024

09:00 - 17:00: Hotel Investments: Connecting with Brands

On the first day of the event, the conference brings together representatives of major hotel brands and local and international investors to give participants an overview of the future of the hotel industry. For one day, they will analyze new business opportunities in the sector, discuss current trends in the hospitality investment sphere, and will provide solutions to the challenges faced by specialists in transactions in the local hotel market.

28 May 2024

11:00 - 15:00: We Are All Connected: Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, Roadmap for Sustainable Tourism Development

The second conference of the day, which takes place in parallel with “Hotel Investments: Connecting with Brands”, focuses on exploring and promoting ways in which Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova can collaborate to develop sustainable tourism. From investment perspectives and strategies of the aviation industry to partnerships in the development of rural and gastronomic tourism, we will explore together a wide range of topics relevant to building a sustainable and prosperous tourist environment.

28 May 2024

19:00 - 22:30: TopHotel Awards Ceremony

At the end of the conference, we celebrate performance and investment in the hospitality industry, as well as the teams and individuals who have inspired and persevered over the past year.

29 May 2024

09:00 - 16.30: Hotel Performance: The Art of Transforming Hotel Investment Into Exceptional Destination

On the second day, TopHotel goes deeper into the world of hotes, exploring how hotels can be successfully operated. This day will unravel the connections within the industry, offering an understanding of how differentiation and hospitality come together to create exceptional and distinct experiences.


TopHotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference is addressed to leaders, influencers and professionals from the tourism and hospitality industry:

  • Hotel owners and general managers
  • International hotel chains representatives
  • Investors
  • General managers from tourism agencies
  • Tourism & leisure consultants
  • Financial institutions representatives
  • Tourism bloggers and journalists
  • Host-Age